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Rick Lohmeyer
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I have a passion to protect Seniors from online fraud. Someone I love was ripped off and I want to help others avoid the cost and heartache of fraud. Seniors are more vulnerable:  They often have something worth stealing (like their good name and credit), they were taught to be polite and trusting, they may lack computer skills, not have peer groups that know about computer fraud, and they tend to trust official looking documents and websites. And many online criminals are targeting them. I can help with presentations and classes on computer and internet safety, and provide tech support to seniors and others to remove viruses, and innoculate your computer to harden it against most malware infections. I always give you basic information on using your computer safely.
Use Rick’s Services Available for PC and Mac, desktops and laptops, smartphones and Media Center Computers, printers, all-in-one devices, scanners, external storage, network routers, phones and tablets Take down, setup and integrate home entertainment systems Pickup and delivery service, scheduled onsite support, emergency service On-site estimates at your home or office Customer Satisfaction Guarantee References available upon request Private and discreet, your files are your business Local provider for quick, reliable service Common replacement parts on hand for quick repairs
Background I have 30 years of experience in building systems and managing teams to design, sell, and support computer systems for home and business use, specializing in imaging, video, graphics, and multimedia. Most of my work was done for film and video producers, with scientists, with video editors, image archive conservators and many people in the military. Primary expertise in integrating and supporting systems for: Non-linear video editing, PC and Mac Networking and Storage Area Networks Video titling, compositing, and animation Broadcast video and post production Image processing Multimedia and streaming media Video conferencing Presentation graphics Scientific image databases Museum/archive image databases.