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Why get training or tutoring? I offer special rates for training and tutoring, and work with one or two people, or with groups. Call me to schedule training or tutoring. I help with your computers and entertainment systems. I offer multiple levels of training, and work with all kinds of computer users, including people who have never used a computer. I am very patient and clear. I speak plain English rather than computerese, and use useful analogies when teaching. Computers help keep seniors active and connected to family, friends and organizations they care about. With a computer you can use Skype for video calls, even overseas; it’s a great way to keep in touch. Studies have shown that seniors who use computers are less depressed and more mentally active than people who do not use them. You can research medical topics, investments and do a lot of business at home, including paying bills, checking utilities, buying stuff and more. But, to use the computer safely and to get the most out of it, it sometimes helps to have some training, especially if you never used a computer much before. You will know what to do, feel more confident and make fewer mistakes; you will be be able to avoid online scams and frauds. Senior Internet Use Facts Less than a third of all seniors have ever gone online; in fact, fewer than half have ever used a computer. Many seniors don’t trust the Internet as a source for health information; but for 50-64 year olds, the Internet is more trusted than other more traditional media. Out of 21 people surveyed, 19% aged 50-64 say they use the Internet a lot, but the number dropped to only 8% for those over 65. Out of 57 people surveyed, 26% aged 50-64 said that they don’t use the Internet at all, and the figure jumps to 46% who don’t use it among those 65 and older. Free and Low Cost Computer Training SAGE (Senior Adults Growing Educationally) PC Community College Jewish Council on Aging (JCA)/SeniorNet Computer Training Centers Prince George's County Memorial Library System - Hyattsville Branch Many Montgomery County Libraries offer computers for use Washington Apple Pi computer club meetings are very useful Computer Club at Riderwood has 400 members;  an article about the Club Leisure World has an active computer club Books and Web Resources Computers for Seniors for Dummies from Amazon The Senior’s Guide to Computers (online) Cornell University Ergonomics for Senior Computer Users Senior Computer Help .com Online tutorials for computer basics for people over 50 Seniornet Computer Mouse Use Tutorial for practice Seniornet, started as a research project in 1986, now a nonprofit Microsoft Site for Seniors Free Tutorials for Beginner and Senior Users Great article on Computer Literacy for Seniors with Links
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